Sales of the iPhone 6 Plus

Sales of the iPhone 6 Plus account for a quarter of global sales.

CIRP (Consumer Intelligence Research Partners) has delivered its figures on the distribution of iPhone sales and more specifically, the ratio between sales of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Unsurprisingly, we learn that the iPhone 6 Plus still occupies 24% of total sales of the iPhone (all models and therefore not only the iPhone 6) while the iPhone 6 "small format" held on market leader with 62% of all iPhone elapsed; it would remain "only" 14% for other models, that is the iPhone 5s and iphone 5c.

Sales of the iPhone 6 Plus
iPhone 6 Plus
This figure of 24% for the iPhone 6 may seem relatively disappointing compared to other studies showing a closer score of 50%, but these estimates do not take into account sales of 5s models and 5c and were focused primarily on pre-bookings in China (where the two models seem to be iPhone 6 to parity in purchase intent). The study of the CIRP supports the conclusions firm BMO, the latter having analyzed the sales volumes in Britain and the United States to arrive again to between 25-30% of iPhone distributed solely for the iPhone 6 Plus.

This very good performance of the iPhone phablet should arrange the margin and therefore Apple accounts.iPhone 6 Plus is indeed more expensive than the iPhone 6, a gap that should be reflected in the balance sheet as of the end of the quarter. Apple Q4 2014 earnings on may well break all records ...
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