iPhone 6 Plus, it makes 41 percent of phablet sales in the US

Smartphones have large screens are named affectionately "phablets." The iPhone had never been in that category until this year in September, when Apple launched the iPhone 6 Plus. This smartphone has a 5.5 inch screen that comes under the category phablet and apparently, there is an important place, at least in the US According to data from Kantar Worldpanel, the iPhone 6 Plus account for 41 percent of all sales of phablet in the country.
iPhone 6 Plus, it makes 41 percent of phablet sales in the US
iPhone 6 Plus
This is an interesting feat, given that this smartphone is on the market for three months, which is relatively short compared to some of its competitors. Kantar data also show that phablets are 10 percent of smartphones sold in the country, is an increase of two percent compared to 2013.

A study by Kantar to outlets shows that 58 percent of respondents bought the iPhone 6 Plus primarily for higher size of the screen, something that many iPhone fans waiting impatiently.

Despite this, the iPhone 6 holds the crown, because it is the best selling iPhone model, accounting for 33 percent of sales, iPhone 5s in second place with 26 percent. The iPhone 6 Plus only 10 percent of all iPhone sales (Read: Sales of the iPhone 6 Plusin the three months since its availability on the market.

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