iPhone 6: Explosion downloads on the App Store

According to the advertising Fiksu the release of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus last September has just exploded the number of downloads on the App Store. It's simple, Apple's application store had never recorded as downloads since its creation in July 2008.
iPhone 6: Explosion downloads on the App Store
october downloads on the App Store
Source: macrumors
Taking into account the 200 most downloaded free applications from the App Store, downloads have increased by almost 40% during the month of October. 7.8 million applications were downloaded during the 30 days. This explosion is also due to the habits of consumers who download all the necessary applications with the purchase of a new iPhone. Users were also challenged to discover applications optimized for the new iPhone. Finally, iOS 8 brought some innovations such as alternative keyboards that also helped boost the number of downloads.

Fiksu also notes that the first applications downloaded by iphone users will often be those who will be most used later and the overall budget allow to purchase applications has obviously declined.

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