The iPhone 6 Plus will it decrease iPad sales?

The Pocket application, which allows you to save web pages for future reference, studied the behavior of users based on the model of iPhone that they have to infer the distribution of their activity between their iPad and smartphone.
The iPhone 6 Plus will it decrease iPad sales?
iPhone 6 plus vs iPad
Soure photo: CNET
The study shows quite clearly the potential impact of the large screen of the new iPhone on the use of the Iceberg tablet. It is found that the tendency to use the iPad to read articles on the internet decrease gradually grows as the diagonal of the screen of the iPhone that is associated with it. Thus, if 55% of iPhone 5s owners consult more content on their smartphone, they are 72% prefer to enjoy their iPhone 6 and 80% out of their iPad in favor of an iPhone 6 Plus. It can quickly deduce that many owners of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus now renounce their tablet to check out the web, and appreciate just as much to do for the big screen of their new smartphone.

In addition, Pocket also noted that the new iPhone owners were much more inclined to enjoy multimedia content than those with an iPhone 4 inches or less. Users of the iPhone 6 consult about a third more, and almost two-thirds more with iPhone 5.5 inches.

The iPad, however, retain the user favors from the bottom of their couch or the bed, with a utilization rate above from 21h, indicating that if the tablet is less often called upon to support users in their movements professionals, it remains their preferred device to read a book under the covers.

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