The iPhone 6 less scratch resistant than the iPhone 5s?

Towards a new Applegate? A protest is open thread on Apple's support forums, this time of the alleged problems of scratches, a number of users complaining that their iPhone 6 scratches more easily than the previous model, even when the device is placed in an "at risk" environment.

The thread already has over 600 responses and generated nearly 103,000 views, high enough numbers so that we can point the finger of a possible screen design concern or a fault affecting a number of units for production.

The iPhone 6 less scratch resistant than the iPhone 5s?
iPhone 6 scratch
The screen of the iPhone 6 is not identical to that of the iPhone 5s, both in terms of the overall shape (curved at the edges, standing more frankly of the case), but also in materials used, Apple has opted for an Ion-X layer, supposedly more resistant to scratches precisely, but the new mode of production and the needs of mass production could generate a rate of "defects" higher than the usual.

Apple has also removed its last layer screens the thermoplastic / reinforced polymer present on the iPhone 5s (Ion-X would be enough to replace). Despite the growing number of complaints, we note nevertheless that almost as large number of reactions in the forums indicate reverse finding or a screen rather highly resistant to scratches and small impacts. We must remember that the iPhone 5s had had its share of devices suffering from minor defects due to manufacturing problems (not design), defects baptized then "ScuffGate" and were characterized by scratches on the hull . A few weeks later, the problem was solved ...

Users involved, mostly reported that Apple made no difficulty replacement shop, which still seems rather point to a problem affecting a precise series of devices.

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