iOS 8: The update is available

As expected, Apple made available today the update iOS 8 which we shall find nativement in iPhones 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.
iOS 8
iOS 8
IOS 8 is available on the download. True to his word, Apple opened well the gates of its servers the said day to make available the last version of its mobile operating system. To download it, it is enough to go to Regulations > General > Updated software, then to let you carry when you will be next to a Wi-Fi network. The update indeed weighs 1,3 Go! Let us remind all the same to the passage that iOS 8 does not bring so many changes as iOS 7 at the appropriate time. At first, the graphic aspect does not almost evolve. There are well some adjustments here and there, but no upheaval fundamental as it was the case enters iOS 6 and iOS 7. The novelties thus are to be fetched near the functions.

We note for example the improvement of the native keyboard " azerty ", as well as the possibility of replacing it by third applications. We imagine that the excellent keyboard SwiftKey will be one of the first ones to be available. Apple also added a more effective management of e-mails and seen again the Safari browser. The search Spolight also progresses and sees its widely spread radius of action. As for the administrator of recent applications, it does not confine itself any more to the only apps because it posts now the favourite contacts and those with whom you recently exchanged. The apple also rethought its application "Photos" by integrating it in particular new tools of alteration. Finally, we can quote confusedly the integration of the sound and the videos in Messages, the family sharing or still the apps iCloud Drive and Health.

IOS 8 is compatible with iPhones 4, 5, 5c and 5s, with iPod Touch of the fifth generation, with all the iPads from 2, and with both versions of the mini iPad.
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