iOS 8.1.2 is available

Apple has just proposed to download iOS 8.1.2 update is offered directly from their iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. In the news, Apple speaks of corrections, including a problem with ringtones purchased from the iTunes Store. Some could be removed from the device, instead of staying. Those concerned must go to the address to restore ringtones. The link must be opened from the aircraft.
iOS 8.1.2 is available
iOS 8.1.2
iOS 8.1.2 is not very heavy, only twenty Mo. The size can vary depending on the devices. A recovering now from its device or iTunes.

iOS 8.1 debuted on October 20, iOS 8.1.1 followed on 17 November. iOS 8.1.2 was not as expected, but Apple prefers to correct these bugs in this way. Note that loopholes to jailbreak may have been blocked, we do not have the answer yet.

Early 2015, Apple iOS 8.2 will offer, notably with the support of the Apple Watch. A beta is available to developers right now.

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