Apple apologizes for the dysfunctions of the iPhone 6

If the launch of the iPhone 6 is a commercial success, it starts to become a nightmare for the Apple brand. Three days after the first record sales of its iPhone 6, Apple is under pressure from world public opinion. 
The group apologized of malfunctions that its new smartphone. A controversy that is in addition to the one born of the tendency of the new flagship device from the California firm to buckle in the pocket blamed by many users. 
Apple apologizes for the dysfunctions of the iPhone 6

"We apologize for the inconvenience faced by large users," said the American computer company in Cupertino. The update of its iOS 8 operating system prevented the iPhone 6 to connect to the telephone network!

Called "iOS 8.0.1" update even removed some touch capabilities of the device, the limit! The IT group, which says it has identified the problem, promises to launch in the "coming any day," a new version of the operating system. "We are working on" iOS 8.0.2 "(the next version) and will propose when he is ready, promises the release. Apple does not indicate the number of users who would be affected by these problems.
Apple apologizes for the dysfunctions of the iPhone 6

"We have a temporary solution for you if you have an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, and you can not connect to the cellular network and most have lost touch ID" functionality "after downloaded the iOS 8.0.1. "Apple assured in a statement,

The solution is to reinstall the previous version, iOS 8 via its online music store iTunes. Not enough to defuse the "bad buzz" ...

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